Day 7: The Finale

  Out with the old (water), in with the new (ice).  Start the day with a cooler full of a variety of beverages. Getting ready for one last d...

Friday, May 13, 2022

Day 5: The Detour

Day 5 started like all the others.  These are views from the 3rd floor of our hotel.

The ride started and ended at the Parkway Visitor Center.  The Trace was closed from MM 290 to 320.  So, Barry, Jack, and Vicki rode 28 miles to the Jamie L Whitten Bridge (Cliff was SAG). 
Our big stop was at the Pharr Mounds which are sacred to the Chickasaw.
Then Vicki and Cliff rode 28 miles back while Jack and Barry worked the SAG.
Barry was able to take pictures when passing the riders.
Tommorrow we'll start at the northern end of the detour.

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